Introducing YETI-Stack

Iā€™m a huge fan of Foundation for Apps and wanted to use it in combination with a NodeJS-Express-MongoDB backend. Because there was no ready to use combination of these, I decided to start my own devstack.


  • stateless authentication via JWT
  • rolebased Authorization
  • modular frontend and backend
  • optional use of frontmatter
  • signup for users
  • forgot password function
  • responsive emails with ZURB-INK and handlebars templates
  • configurable for different enviroments with .env files
  • fast and easy builtprocess with gulp
  • automatic annotation of Angularcontrollers
  • stylesheets compiled with lightning fast gulp-sass
  • livereload in development

If you want to know more check out my github repo.


An example can be found here: yeti-stack.webnugget.de

Pullrequests, Issues and Comments are highly welcomed. If you wanna join the project just drop me a note a tweet or something else :) .